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Promoted by: Vidya Pracharini Sabha, Bhupal Nobles' Sansthan, Udaipur, Rajasthan

Career Counselling & Placement Cell


Early planning of career and progression pathways is vital in order for children and youths to identify their future goals and take appropriate steps for meeting intermediate milestones to achieve them. Advisors in career centers will provide guidance and support to children and youths to help to equip them with the critical personal qualities and practical skills required in the working environment.

This project is designed for education, career guidance, counseling and personality development for students of the institutions of Bhupal Nobles University/ Vidya Pracharini Sabha in particular and children of Mewar and other neighbouring regions in general as per guiding principles of founding fathers of Vidhya Pracharini Shabha. Career counseling and guidance play a key role in helping students, youth and the education system meet their goals. Upward social mobility does not rely on knowledge and skills alone; but also on the understanding about how to use these. A major challenge for students and youth is to decide on career, job or a course which is most suitable for them. Hence there is a necessity of a career counseling, guidance and personality development center in the University.


The main aim of the project is to provide counseling, career guidance and organize personality development sessions so that students and youth know their own skills and professional interests, in order to choose an appropriate career in accordance with their psychological profile, aspirations, studies chosen, professional requirements and existent jobs.


  • Guiding young people to adopt fair and realistic decisions about the opportunities they have in terms of educational and vocational route on which to build a successful career.
  • Counseling youth to harmonize educational and professional aspirations of the individual with our community value system, social desirable conduct and with personal aptitudes and skills.
  • Develop leadership qualities and personality development of youth and to channelize their energy towards socio-economic development and growth of the community and nation.
  • Connecting our organizational programs to the students and others.
  • To promote technical resource support including development of information and database on issues concerning youth and adolescents.
  • Supporting the poor and needy students in the forms of financial and counseling services.


The project will be implemented in the campus and will cover the surrounding districts of Mewar and other regions of Rajasthan. The centre will function from the first floor of the Law college building.


The targeted beneficiaries of the project include students of the institutions, youths, children, families, job seekers, persons with need of counseling and guidance, admission seekers, colleges, NGOs, etc. Preference may be given to the youth and children with special abilities.


The project is primarily designed for five years. This may be continued according to the success of the project. The project will be updated and extended timely as per the requirements.


The scope of the project is as under

  • Assist the students in deciding on various career options available.
  • Organize motivational talks.
  • Integrate teaching staff and management.
  • Reach out to the students through the web portal of the centre.
  • Conduct Personality Development programme.
  • Facilitate the students / job seekers to apply online for various posts notified from time to time with help of the computer lab.
  • Facilitate training of counselors, teaching faculty and other staff.
  • Coordinate activities of out sourced coaching.
  • Display career related information in the campus as the FIRST STEP OF THE PROJECT.
  • Reach out to the youth and parents other than those in BN college/ schools with help of alumni.
  • Select and propose names of meritorious students for scholarships and financial assistance.
  • Develop and update a data base of eligible youth.
  • Prepare students for admissions to Sainik schools( through the schools of the Vidya Pracharini Sabha).
  • Organize guest lectures for students and faculty.
  • Organize English speaking capsules with help of the present faculty.
  • Coordinate NCC activities and recommend suitable candidates during enrollment.
  • Motivate and train NCC cadets for joining the Armed Forces.
  • Conduct parental seminars.
  • Provide guidance for higher studies.
  • Integrate alumina, prominent organizations and personnel for employment related assistance.
  • Integrate coaching agencies for various courses in the campus.
  • The career centre will make tie up with some professional counselors in the country. The students and youth can avail their service by the career centre.

Programme Phase Duration Activities proposed during the periods

  • PHASE–I One year
    Data base creation, registration of students, Career information- Job posting, identify and appoint coordinators, English speaking classes, PD sessions, coaching classes in select fields, NCC enrolments, guest lectures, motivational talks
  • PHASE –II One year
    In addition to continuance of activities of Phase – I, Guidance and counseling by our trained members , increase the coaching classes in other fields.
  • PHASE- III Three year
    In addition to continuance of activities of Phase – I & II, Tie-up with some professional counsel relating to the social and academic environment, organize recruitment .
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