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Engineering is the expression of science for the benefit of mankind while technology is applied science. Both have roots in a quest for problem solving through application of advanced principles of science. It is no surprise, therefore, that on the need of society and human race engineering and technology have evolved constantly through the ages. This evolution has led to the creation of planetary dependence through a complex web of communication and economic processes wherein all mankind is faced with a simple and straight forward choice of either prospering or perishing together. As the main problems of human society have changed so too have engineering and technology. The main problems faced by the human race today include unsustainable life style patterns causing ecological destruction, climate change, changing medical needs & disease patterns, growing economic disparity, increasing encroachment on privacy and security threats. Needless to add, the traditional engineering and technology knowledge will not suffice to meet these challenges.

The future of engineering lies with streams of engineering and technology that are at the cutting edge of knowledge. These include Computer Science & Engineering, Information Technology and their application in the area of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. These represent areas of highest potential to solve problems of the future and also provide the best of careers to engineers and technologists skilled in these streams. With Global and Indian IT spending increasing year after year, Bhupal Nobles’ College of Engineering aims to contribute to the pool of trained human resource that will work towards leading our nation to the forefront of world economy. Even within Rajasthan, the prevalence of multiple IT Parks presents an opportunity that graduating engineers from Bhupal Nobles’ College of Engineering will strive to meet. To achieve this objective, Bhupal Nobles’ University has entered into innumerable MoUs with leading educational institutions & companies to provide experiential learning to students.

With the end of the Covid-19 pandemic in sight, world economies are looking at rapid execution of their plans. Computer Science & Engineering, Information Technology and Computer Science & Engineering with specialization in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning are among the most sought after skills for industry and expected to provide excellent career opportunities to graduating students. Indian IT companies are among the best performing companies in the world with TCS & Infosys being among the most valuable IT companies in the world. In the short term, IT/Technology jobs are expected to increase by 72% in 2022-23 over 2021-22, the highest increase among various sectors. The entire IT industry is growing by leaps and bounds registering an increase of 15.5% in FY 22 (as per NASSCOM) to become a USD 227 Billion industry compared to 2.3% in FY 21 demonstrating the resurgence in IT sector. Rajasthan too is poised for growth in the IT sector with IT parks coming in four cities (Jaipur, Jodhpur, Kota & Udaipur) in Rajasthan that are expected to provide the best of opportunities to graduating engineers having necessary skills.

B.Tech: Tuition Fee of Rs.35000/semester
Branch Eligibility Duration Medium Seats Syllabus
Computer Science & Engineering 50% marks in Science (Physics, Mathematics & Chemistry) from CBSE, RBSE or any other equivalent board 4 years English 40
Computer Science & Engineering : Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning 50% marks in Science (Physics, Mathematics & Chemistry) from CBSE, RBSE or any other equivalent board 4 years English 40
Information Technology 50% marks in Science (Physics, Mathematics & Chemistry) from CBSE, RBSE or any other equivalent board 4 years English 40
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