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OFFICE ORDER Dated 19th February, 2018

In partial modification of the earlier office order issued vide No.BNU/R/2199- dated 27th October, 2016, the Hon’ble President, Bhupal Nobles’ University, Udaipur is pleased to constitute Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) in the Bhupal Nobles’ University, Udaipur consisting of following persons.

S. No. Name Designation/ Faculty Position in the committee
1 Prof. Jeewan Singh Ranawat President Chairman
2 Dr. Raghuveer Singh Chouhan Registrar and Dean, PG Studies Member
3 Dr. Mahendra Singh Ranawat Dean, Faculty of Pharmacy Member
4 Dr. Prem Singh Rawlot Dean, Faculty of SS&H Member 
5 Dr. Abhay Kumar Jaroli Dean, Faculty of Commerce & Mgt. Member
6 Dr. S.S.Solanki Dean, Faculty of Agriculture Member
7 Dr. Bhupendra Singh Chauhan Dean, Faculty of Education Member
8 Dr. Bhanu Kapil Director, Career Counselling & Placement Cell Member
9 Dr. Renu Rathore Assoc. Dean, Faculty of Science Member
10 Dr. Chetan Singh Chauhan   Assoc. Dean, Faculty of Pharmacy Member
11 Dr. Vivek Chaplot Head, Deptt. of Computer Science & Application Member
12 Dr. Asha Arora Faculty of Science Member
13 Dr. Garima Babel Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities Member
14 Dr. Kamal Singh Rathore Faculty of Pharmacy Member
15 Dr. Alok Bhargav Faculty of Pharmacy Member
16 Dr. Hitesh Rawal Assoc. Dean, Faculty of Education Member
17 Dr. Mahipal Singh Deora Deptt. of Computer Science & Application Member
18 Dr. Devendra Singh Udawat  Faculty of Law Member
19 Dr. Aparna Sharma Assoc. Dean, Faculty of Social Sci. & Humanities Member Secretary

The IQAC shall under take following activities:

  1. Preparing of the Calendar of activities of IQAC of the academic year.
  2. Maintaining Action taken report on the AQAR of the previous year.
  3. Organizing FDPs
  4. Training program for non-teaching staff.
  5. Linkages to be developed with national/international/academic/research bodies.
  6. Student mentoring programmes.
  7. Organizing Co-curricular activities.
  8. Making provisions for Health services
  9. Provision for award to meritorious student
  10. Computer and internet access and training to teachers, non-teaching staff & students
  11. Provision for the student feedback
  12. Provision for feedback from stakeholders
  13. Conducting Seminars/Workshops
  14. Undertaking major and minor Research project
  15. Generating Patents
  16. Community Services
  17. Organizing activities Department wise
  18. Improvement in library services
  19. To maintain and file notice, agenda and minutes of each meeting of IQAC

The IQAC should meet at least quarterly in an academic year and submit report to the University.

OFFICE ORDER Dated 19th February, 2018

The Hon’ble President, Bhupal Nobles’ University, Udaipur is pleased to constitute Finance Committee of the University comprising of the following members:

1 Prof. Jeewan Singh Ranawat, President Chairman
2 Dr.M.S.Ranawat, Dean, Faculty of Pharmacy Member
3 Dr.P.S.Rawlot, Dean, Faculty of SS&H Member
4 Dr. Abhay Kumar Jaroli, Dean, Faculty of Commerce and Management Member
5 Shri Devendra Singh Jhala, CF&AO Member Secretary

OFFICE ORDER Dated 20th December, 2017

The President of Bhupal Nobles’ University is pleased to constitute an Anti Ragging Committee consisting of following persons in Bhupal Nobles’ University, Udaipur.

S.No. Name Designation/Name of Faculty Position in the committee
1 Dr.Rajendra Singh Shaktawat Faculty of Commerce & Mgt. Convenor
2 Dr.Anita Rathore Faculty of SS&H Member
3 Dr.Abhimanyu Singh Rathore Faculty of Science -do-
4. Dr.Kamal Singh Rathore Faculty of Pharmacy -do-
5. Dr.Um Singh Rathore Faculty of Phy. Education -do-
6. Dr.Rajni Arora Faculty of Commerce & Mgt. -do-
7. Dr.Devendra Singh Udawat Faculty of Law -do-
8. Dr.Hamendra Singh Shaktawat Faculty of SS&H -do-
9. Prof.R.S.Chauhan Registrar Member Secretary

The Committee will focus on prevention and elimination of the scourge of ragging in the University and will discharge its responsibility as per guideline of the Hon’ble Supreme Court/UGC.

OFFICE ORDER 30th November, 2017

The Hon’ble President, Bhupal Nobles’ University, Udaipur is pleased to constitute a SC/ST Cell for the constituent faculties of the University, consisting of following persons for a period of two years.

S.No. Name Position in the committee Contact No Email id
1 Dr. R.K. Kamble, Assoc. Professor, Faculty of Pharmacy Convenor 7737666395
2 Dr. Hussaini Bohra, Asstt. Prof., Faculty of SS&H Member 9413771959
3 Dr. Amit Bhargav, Asstt. Prof.,  Faculty of Pharmacy Member 9950547537
4 Mrs.Khatoon Aftab, Asstt. Prof., Faculty of Science Member 9982825378
5 Dr. Ashutosh Pitaliya, Asstt. Prof., Faculty of Law Member 9461530320

The committee will ensure the adoption of prescribed guidelines issued time to time by UGC/State Government.

OFFICE ORDER 30th November, 2017

As per the guidelines of UGC and the Supreme Court an Anti Sexual Harassment Cell has been established by the Bhupal Nobles University to provide a healthy and congenial atmosphere to the staff and students of the University. The cell was constituted to meet the four basic objectives:

  1. To develop the guidelines and norms for a policy against sexual harassment.
  2. To develop principles and procedures for combating sexual harassment.
  3. To work out details for the implementation of the policy.
  4. To prepare a detailed plan of action, both short and long term.

The Convener and Members of the Anti Sexual Harassment Cell are as follows:

S.No. Name
1 Dr. Anupama Ujwal Convener 9928400014
2 Dr. Asha Arora  Secretary 9414354496
3 Dr. Komal Sharma Member
4 Dr. Ritu Tomer Member
5 Dr. Anita Rathore Member
6 Dr. Lokeshwari Rathore Member
7 S/Lt. Shailja Ranawat Member
8 Miss Saumya Luthra  (NGO Representative)
9 Dr. Bhanu Kapil Member
10 Dr. Bhupendra Singh Rathore  Member
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