Bhupal Nobles' University
Promoted by: Vidya Pracharini Sabha, Bhupal Nobles' Sansthan, Udaipur, Rajasthan

About Us

About the Bhupal Nobles' University

The Bhupal Nobles' University endeavors to promote the advancement and dissemination of knowledge. It aims to provide instructions in the disciplines and courses stated in the bulletin along with the provision for research and consultancy. The University has been set up to inculcate the best of practices for sustainable development of the society and the nation. The University has been established with the noble objective of eradicating illiteracy, ignorance and pernicious social evils through the spread of enlightening, progressive and value oriented education.

This University provides new opportunities, allowing each entrant to widen the range of educational provision thereby supporting economic regeneration throughout the region to benefit the scholars.

The establishment of Bhupal Nobles' University has proved to be a benchmark in the history of the institute whereby it has assumed a place of pride in the academic map of not only the state but the nation as well.

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